St. Columba Church, Helensburgh is Closing

St . Columbia Church is closing with the congregation joining the West Kirk. This is leaving an empty church which has so much potential in thriving through the power of the Holy Spirit through the preaching and work of Gospel of the Bible.

My passion is to really seek the Lord in this, where he can use our ministry to glorify our God in a world where He is ignored and even churches in our town dismiss his Love and Grace ( God Working). We live in a generation that has lost a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Churches are so liberal and gone emergent where congregations aren’t being growing in edification and are lost spiritually in a worldly depraved world.

I believe through prayer and fasting that God can change this town through the preaching and teaching of the gospel, building people up, having fellowship with other believers who are active in promoting the Gospel through relationships with unbelievers.

If you believe God can do this, come speak to me through our online contact forms or my phone numbers on the website.

A song that we have sung in our meetings is one called “Come, People of the Risen King” by Keith And Kristyn Getty. The word in this song is what I crave in our plants in town.

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